Each year, Paul Rabil hosts a 12 Days of LaxMas giveaway on his social media channels for all of his fan to win gear and prizes. This year, as part of being a full-time employee now for Rabil Companies, I decided to take it up a notch and create a cohesive 12-day social media campaign that would capture Paul’s audience.

For the graphics, I chose a winter wonderland theme that really captured the holiday spirit and chose to transform Paul’s bitmoji graphic into Santa Clause – or Rabil Clause to the lacrosse community. Each day would be consistent to the rest highlighting the day of the giveaway and the prize being offered. The variable would be what Rabil Clause was doing in each graphic and for those, I tried to align the actions or poses with the giveaway context. Here are the 12 giveaway graphics that I created:

After the giveaway was over, I compiled the engagement results just from Facebook – where we ran the primary campaign. Over the 12 day period, our total organic reach was 334,946 with 4,063 comments, 5,479 likes and 1,801 shares. Day 6 received the most reach, but Day 1 had 25% of both comments and likes, whereas Day 12 had the most shares totaling 548.